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fat free celebrations

It has been that time of year when every activity for every child demands an end of year banquet and awards night.  Tables of grilled hot dogs,  hamburgers, and chicken have made a fat free lifestyle interesting.  The secret is eat before you go.  If it is a carry-in or pot-luck (depending on where you are from) bring something you know you can eat.  Saturday, I volunteered to bring fruit skewers and fat free fruit dip to a wedding.  At least I knew there would be something there I could eat.

fruit dip 2

I could credit this recipe to several people.  I’m not sure who the original amazing person was who figured this out, but I love him or her.  So, to all those who shared this recipe, I’m passing on your amazing fat free summer treat.


1 jar of marshmallow fluff

1 package of fat free cream cheese


Mix the two ingredients together with an electric beater (mine broke about 10 minutes before I was to leave for the wedding and a mixing spoon worked just fine.  I think my Grandpa called that elbow grease.)

Go ahead.  You know you want to dip your finger in and taste.  Yum!