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ImageI had planned a lovely evening of planting trees, watching the video my students made about the environment, and eating blue and green tie-dyed cupcakes.  Hey, they were supposed to be little earths. What can I say?

Sadly, our dear friend, Bogart (Bo) our blind Palomino Appaloosa horse, had other plans.   He decided to celebrate Earth Day by leaving it.  So this evening, we bid farewell to one of the most amazing horses whose only trophies and awards are the hearts of all those he won over.

ImageI’m going to be painfully honest here.  I’ve been accused by some of my animal loving family as being…deep breath…an animal hater.  That is not true.  Animals are like music to me.  I have to find the right melody at the right moment, and then it touches me so profoundly and deeply that I’m willing to write an entire novel based on that thirty seconds of emotion.

My love of animals is very much the same.  When the right animal walks into my life at the right moment, my love is so deep that I’m willing to stop mowing the lawn, pick up the tennis ball and toss it again and again and again to my Bowser, or stand in the wind and freezing rain to feed carrots to my Bo.

My love for this horse was different, though.  It wasn’t my love for Bo that motivated me to carry heavy bags of grain home from Tractor Supply when no one was with me to help or to break the ice in the water trough in winter.  It was much more profound than a gratifying love that always comes as the result of service.  When I looked into the sweet face of that guy I saw his love for my children and their love for him.  I loved Bo because of my motherhood and for no other reason than that.  I didn’t really understand that until I was talking to my mom on the phone and listened to what Bo meant to her because of the joy he gave her grandkids.  I heard a new chord and soft underlying tone to my love for that “horse who thought he was a dog”, as my husband says that I had never realized was there.And to date, Bo, and our dog Lilly are the only two animals who can dance in my heart to the rhythm and melody of my motherhood and my absolute love for my children.Image