My Husband’s Amazing Juice

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice 3of3

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice 3of3 (Photo credit: Food Thinkers)

I just asked my husband what I should blog about today, and he said, “My amazing juice.”  So here I am blogging about my husband’s amazing juice.  Normally the amazing precedes the husband in any given sentence I write, but today I will transpose per his request.

We recently finished a water fight, which I lost as usual, and now he thinks I’m just sucking up so I won’t get doused again.  But I digress.  Back to the juice, not water. We’ve been trying to study and learn as much as we can about nutrition so that the  changes we make will be life long changes and not just triage to get me through this gall bladder mess.  One of the changes my husband decided to make was juicing.  He found a $100 Jack LaLanne juicer on Craige’s list for $25 and began liquefying everything you can think of.

He is a great cook, so it was no surprise that mouth exploded with excitement the first time I partook of his carrot, apple, kale juice.  I was a bit under the weather that evening and could almost feel the antioxidants marching into battle in my bloodstream.

My Mom has asked for it twice as she recuperates from bronchitis.

His recipe:  “Ancient Cantonese secret”

What do you think?  Should I grab the kitchen sprayer and start that water battle again?

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